Have you been affected by a failure to diagnose cancer?

Many Pittsburgh residents have been affected by cancer in some way–whether by a family member being diagnosed, a close friend or even themselves. When a doctor says that you have cancer it can sound like the worst thing that has ever happened. But occasionally, not hearing a proper diagnosis can be even worse. Negligence can occur when a physician has fails to diagnose cancer in one of his or her patients.

Cancer is a disease that no one ever wants to hear they have. But many cancers are curable if they are caught in time. Common cancers such as breast, skin, and prostrate all have high cure rates when they are diagnosed early. But when a medical professional makes a mistake and doesn’t diagnose cancer it can lead to delayed treatment. A delay in cancer treatment can mean the cancer has grown and that it may not be as easily treated.

Our firm helps patients who believe their cancer was not diagnosed because of the negligence of their medical provider. Cancer can be missed by a pathologist, by a lab worker who mixed up samples, or by a doctor who misread a cat scan, along with other possibilities. We believe patients have legal rights when they have had a cancer misdiagnosis and we help these patients hold their medical providers responsible for their negligence.

If you believe a doctor missed your cancer or the cancer of a family member, please contact our firm. We will provide answers to your questions and help you get peace of mind about your situation. We care about you and your family and want you to have all the information about your medical condition.