Get ready for autumn bicycle rides

Riding your bicycle is a good way to get into shape and it is an environmentally friendly way of getting around town. You must ensure that you are ready for the ride, especially as the seasons change in Pittsburgh.

Here are some tips that might as you prepare for biking this autumn:

Get your gear in order

One of the important things to remember this autumn is that you need to change what you wear. Summer gear that includes shorts isn’t likely going to be appropriate, especially as the temperatures transition more toward winter.

Choose shoes that are sturdy enough to last through the ride and that will be comfortable when you have to put your foot on the ground. You should consider investing in a pair that is waterproof to keep your feet dry.

Double check your helmet for suitability. If you notice any defects, replace it before your next ride. You can also consider wearing biking body armor, or pads.

Check your tires

Even if you rode on skinny tires all year, you might want to go with some that have more grip for the autumn months. Falling leaves will provide a bit of a slippery surface if they are damp. Having good tires might help you to retain control better in this case and in other hazardous conditions.

Watch the road

Between the falling leaves and gravel on the sides of the road, you might find that you are dealing with hazards at an alarming rate. You also need to watch for slippery spots, which includes anything made of metal when it is raining or sprinkling. Slick spots from oil and other vehicle fluids will also occur, especially when the rain first starts before they are washed off the road.

Keep control of your bike

While you are riding on slick spots, you may notice it is harder to stop. Instead of just braking and thinking you are set, feather the brakes. This improves the braking ability by removing dirt and water on the rim, so the pads can grip better.

Other motorists

There is a chance that other motorists might falsely think that bikers aren’t going to be on the road. Watch what is going on around you and try to avoid cars. You can still be struck by a car even if you are riding as safely as possible. Be sure that you have your medical insurance cards and identification on you just in case you are struck and need medical care.