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Former football player files lawsuit over traumatic brain injury

Football is a major part of the landscape in Pennsylvania and those who play it are willing to look beyond the common risks for injury, particularly to the head, to play it. Those who oversee the sport are becoming increasingly responsible for making certain that the players are not placed back on the field after a possible brain injury. Since injuries to the head can result in traumatic brain injury and lead to long-term issues and permanent disability, those who have suffered from it due to negligence on the part of football coaches and overseers at school should consider a legal filing to be compensated.

A 23-year-old man who played football in high school has filed a lawsuit alleging that the school did not adequately protect him from injuries to his head and the aftereffects. In the claim, the man says that the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Association and other entities did not treat him properly and allowed him to keep practicing after he suffered a head injury. During practice, the team was engaged in full contact and the player’s helmet shattered as it commenced. He says that he did not receive treatment and was sent back in to take part in the same drill that caused the initial damage.

The player indicated symptoms of injury and did not receive treatment, nor was any applicable protocol followed. This happened in 2009 and now he is suffering from a variety of symptoms that are having a negative impact on his life. He received a diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. He is sensitive to light, has anxiety, suffers from issues with spatial-relation, has memory issues and sleep is problematic. It is also asserted that he is at increased risk of Parkinson’s disease and will need to have medical care for the remainder of his life without hope for improvement.

brain injury can be difficult to recognize. In sports, this is why it is so important that the administrators have an established set of rules when a player shows symptoms or receives a blow to the head. With the long-term effects of traumatic brain injury including loss of the ability to work, the potential need for long-term care, psychological issues, physical problems and more, it is imperative that those who were affected understand their rights to be compensated. Speaking to an attorney can help in pursuing compensation through a legal filing.

Source:, “‘It Will Adversely Affect His Life’: Former HS Football Player Files Lawsuit Over Head Injury,” Feb. 15, 2017