The majority of medical malpractice lawsuits result from the failure to diagnose and treat a serious condition in a timely fashion. Examples of those diseases that are most often misdiagnosed, or where there is a delay in diagnosis, are breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, heart attacks and appendicitis.

As most people know, early detection is a key factor in the fight against cancer. For example, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer in its early stages has a greater survival rate than a woman whose breast cancer goes undiagnosed and/or is misdiagnosed. However, wrongful deaths caused by the misdiagnosis of cancer are on the rise.

Though the reasons for misdiagnosis vary, cancer misdiagnoses unquestionably are on the rise. Misdiagnosis may be the result of errors by doctors, specialists and laboratory tests, and these errors range from a totally mistaken diagnosis to a partial misdiagnosis.


  • Failing to identify an obvious lump during breast examination
  • A cancerous lesion is missed in the biopsy procedure
  • A malignant mass is diagnosed as benign
  • Specimens are mishandled by pathology, or improperly read or interpreted
  • Failing to order x-rays, CT scans or MRI’s
  • Failing to properly evaluate test results
  • Failure to understand or notice the nature of a patient’s complaints
  • Failure to adequately screen patients who are at an increased risk for cancer
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist for further testing
  • Failure to follow up with a patient if cancer should have been suspected

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