Electronic medical records help with medical malpractice lawsuit

Most Pittsburgh residents will have medical procedures performed on them in their lifetime. They trust that their doctors are knowledgeable and careful and that the procedure will help their outcome. Unfortunately, a doctor mistake can occur. When this is the case patients wonder if the mistake is cause for medical malpractice and how they can research what went wrong.

For those patients who have been injured as the result of a medical error, their medical records are the most important piece of evidence as to what went wrong. These medical records are the blueprint for everything that went on with the patient’s medical procedures. They should explain what was done, what medications the patient was given, the dates and times procedures and medications were administered and other important information.

These medical records are crucial in a medical malpractice case but there have been issues with them. Sometimes medical providers manipulate these records to cover mistakes, fail to enter comments where they need to be and make a mistake with the autofill sections. These issues can cause serious complications for patients when the records turn out to be not accurate.

A doctor mistake, medical professional mistake or medical facility mistake can cause serious injury or even death to an unsuspecting patient. Medical records are key in uncovering what went wrong. Compensation is available for patients and their families for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of wages and other damages. It is important to hold medical providers responsible for mistakes they make. Medical records can help patients determine what went wrong with their care and prove their medical malpractice suit.

Source: Business Insurance, “Malpractice suits often tap electronic medical records,” Judy Greenwald, Oct. 27, 2014