Doctor facing hundreds of cases for surgical errors, malpractice

The Mid Hudson Medical Group used to employ a doctor who is now at the forefront of around 250 different cases involving medical malpractice. The doctor has already been convicted in a case involving fraud, admitting his own guilt. As a result, he is being kept in a prison in Pennsylvania, and he has to pay $5 million to the government.

However, even with that case behind him, the malpractice cases are still coming in. He was cleared in a single case, but more than 200 of them remain.

A major step has been taken in one of those cases. A woman says that she saw the surgeon back in 2008, and that he did a procedure on her knee. She has been trying to get Mid Hudson Medical Group to give her and her legal team the information that they have about the doctor while he worked there.

Among other things, she seems to be curious about what the medical group knew before they fired him and with how they supervised the doctor. They let him go back in 2011.

The case went before the Supreme Court Appellate Division in the state, and they have now ruled that the group does have to give the woman the information that she has requested. This will allow her to move forward with the process as she desires.

Individuals who feel they have been victimized by medical malpractice or by surgical errors need to know what legal options they have, especially regarding compensation, as they may have lasting injuries from the botched surgeries and other various mistakes that were made.

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal, “Court orders medical group to give Panos info to plaintiff’s lawyers” Nina Schutzman, Aug. 28, 2014