Doctor at the center of $215 million (and counting) in lawsuits

A gynecologist working for the University of Southern California (USC) is at the center of multiple lawsuits filed by more than 400 patients who accused him of sexual abuse and other improper acts. The president of USC has offered former patients a proposed settlement of $215 million in October of 2018 after her predecessor was dismissed for not addressing the matter in a satisfactory manner.

The doctor was initially suspended in 2016 after a health worker reported that the doctor made inappropriate comments to patients. Other allegations included unnecessary penetration with his hands, inappropriate touching and other inappropriate conduct. After 30 years of practicing, the doctor was stripped of his medical license to practice in California. He denied all allegations but opted to settle.

Patients are eligible to receive the following

The patients who received treatment from the doctor are eligible to receive the following from the school as part of a federal class action lawsuit:

  • Those who received treatment from the doctor get $2,500
  • Those who provide details of their care can receive up to $250,000

More lawsuits filed

Although the school made its offer, which came with a personal apology by its president, attorneys subsequently filed 93 additional lawsuits against USC in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging sexual assault and gross sexual misconduct on campus by the doctor. There will be a third lawsuit for the patients who were not part of the first two suits.

Doctors are not immune to poor judgment calls

News of doctors not acting appropriately now seems to be commonplace. While this one worked in Los Angeles, there are doctors closer to home here in Pittsburgh who may make poor judgment calls regarding treatment or behavior.