Did a doctor make a wrong diagnosis?

Most Pittsburgh residents will visit their doctor this year. Whether it be for a routine annual exam or because they’re not feeling well, doctors keep people healthy and take care of our medical needs. But, occasionally doctors make a mistake like the failure to diagnose a serious medical condition like cancer.

It seems like a doctor’s time with a patient is becoming shorter and more rushed. Sometimes patients barely have time to share their symptoms with the doctor before the doctor makes a diagnosis. In their rushed states, doctors can miss important signs about their patient’s condition.

Many serious conditions, like heart disease, breast cancer and skin cancer, when diagnosed early can be treated. But when these conditions go for a long time without being diagnosed the patient can suffer a worsened condition or even death. Our law firm has the experience needed to find out what happened and why the medical condition was not diagnosed in a timely manner. A diagnostic error often is what causes a medical condition to go undetected. A laboratory error or a poorly trained technician can result in a missed diagnosis. Our attorneys understand what can go wrong and know that radiologists and doctors can make careless mistakes.

Families have the right to know what happened. They investigate all medical records and consult with medical experts to get the answers they deserve. We can obtain the peace of mind families deserve. We are also skilled at holding medical providers accountable for their mistakes and obtaining compensation for our clients. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and other damages related to the medical error.

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