Cosmetic surgery can cause serious injury

Some Pittsburgh residents fantasize about getting plastic surgery. Everyone seems to have something they want to erase on their bodies, like their love handles, larger (or smaller) breasts or maybe a facelift. Although thousands of people undergo cosmetic surgery each year without any lingering side effects, a surgical error can still occur that causes serious injuries.

Cosmetic surgery is something that many women and men consider at some point in their life. In 2014 there were over 285,000 breast augmentations done just in the United States. And the top non-surgical beauty treatment was Botox injections, with over 6.7 million people receiving this treatment. But many of these procedures come with risks that can result in a serious injury, worsened condition or even death.

There are many examples of serious injuries that have occurred because of cosmetic procedures. A woman who received liposuction died two days after the procedure from a blood clot in her lung that caused a pulmonary embolism. Buttocks injections can often cause injury. When a person gets synthetic materials such as silicone or hydrogel injected into that area it can easily cause a serious infection. Abdominoplasty surgery, also known as a tummy tuck, can also lead to a stroke, infections, loss of oxygen and other serious surgical errors.

If a family believes their loved one has suffered due to a botched cosmetic surgery they, may want to speak with a legal professional. Cosmetic surgeons are subject to the same level of care that all medical professionals are held to, and should be held responsible for any errors they make.

Source: New York Daily News, “Dying to look different: the dangers of cosmetic and non-cosmetic beauty treatments“, Candace Smith, Nov. 18, 2015