Cleveland area cardiologist performed unnecessary procedures

Many Pittsburgh residents have heard the reports of people who have suffered from surgical errors. Many times these surgical errors are preventable and cause great harm to patients. A surgeon in the Cleveland area has been found guilty of performing unnecessary procedures on dozens of patients in order to collect insurance payments.

A surgeon in Westlake, a suburb of Cleveland, was found guilty last Friday of performing unnecessary procedures on his patients. He had performed dozens of unnecessary stent insertions, tests, catheterizations and caused unnecessary bypass surgeries to be performed. He went to great lengths to overbill insurers to over $7 million dollars. He preyed on a vulnerable population including elderly patients.

He was found guilty of health-care fraud and 13 counts of false statements. He was also found guilty of money laundering when he transferred $250,000 from his professional account into a joint account with his wife while he was under investigation. Several of his former patients have filed medical malpractice lawsuits against him as well.

When a medical provider is so egregious in his actions it can result in a patient suffering unnecessarily. A family who believes their loved one was harmed by a medical provider may want to speak with a legal provider skilled in medical malpractice. An attorney can review medical records and consult with medical experts to determine what caused the injury. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Medical providers who make a medical mistake, perform unnecessary procedures and other preventable activities should be held accountable for their negligence. Medical mistakes are serious matters and can affect a person and their family forever.

Source:, “Westlake cardiologist guilty of performing unnecessary procedures for insurance payouts,” Eric Heisig, Sept. 25, 2015