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Personal Injury


It used to be that only bikers and gang members sported tattoos but not anymore. Tattoos are incredibly popular, especially among teenagers, and getting rid of a tattoo may be as popular as getting one and can be a lot more painful.  There are several methods available for tattoo removal. Successful removal depends on a variety of factors; such as type of ink, depth of ink, intensity of color, and the age of the tattoo. Some of the methods currently used to remove tattoos are:

Who best protects the common man–big business or trial lawyers?

Innocent people regularly suffer grievous injures because of the negligence of others. Those innocent victims can obtain compensation for their injuries by resort to our civil justice system. The civil justice system is all too often the only way to hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions. For some time, however, wrongdoers have used lobbyists and public relations campaigns in an attempt to limit an innocent victim’s access to the courts by claiming that a “crisis” exists in the civil litigation system in general and with medical malpractice in particular. Compelling evidence shows that the claims of a “crisis” are simply not true.