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Medical Malpractice

Avoid injury by taking properly prescribed medication

Thinking about the treatment options for injured or ill, many think of medication in the form of pills. There are many illnesses or injuries that are often prescribed medication in a pill form, either to help with curing or maintaining the symptoms of a person’s injury or illness. It’s amazing the impact that a medication can have on our ill or injured selves, it can really make a difference for a person who is suffering. However, being prescribed the wrong medication or dosage can be a disaster.

How does one prove negligence in a medical malpractice case?

Medical providers and medical staff strive to do their very best in every situation that involves a patient. Whether diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation or something in between, there are a lot of moving parts and experiences that a person may have with medical care. Generally, things go according to plan when a patient comes in contact with medical care. For those who believe they were injured in a medical-related incident, how does one prove negligence and fault?

Improperly managed pregnancy puts mom, baby at risk of injury

When you are expecting a little one, it changes everything. Whether this is your first child, or your second or third, each pregnancy is different and will require different things and will also present different challenges. Many parents will tell you that their first child’s pregnancy was infinitely different from their second child’s pregnancy, and so on. This is why it is important for parents to be aware of the necessary care when expecting a child.

Settlement for PA mom who suffered brain bleed during delivery

Thinking about the excitement of becoming a new mom or dad, there are few life events that have so much anticipation or excitement. Several years ago, a young teen mom was expecting her first child at the age of 15. Something went terribly wrong and she was forced to deliver before making it to full term. During the emergency C-section at Lancaster General Hospital, the new mom suffered a catastrophic brain bleed that caused her to become quadriplegic since the day of her son’s birth.

Potential parties to sue after suffering surgical accidents

When a person makes the decision to go under the knife, it is usually after being assessed and diagnosed with an injury or ailment. Surgery is usually ordered as a precautionary treatment or as a remedy for those suffering from an illness or injury to either cure or help with their symptoms. Surgery isn’t always ordered as a treatment option by a medical professional, but in instances of surgery there is always a risk, sometimes slight to moderate, of further injury or complications in connection with the surgical accidents.

How does one determine if medical standard of care was met?

There is a reason we seek the help of professionals when it comes to our health. It’s because they are experts that are trained to give medical advice, recommend treatment plans or medication and even operate, if necessary. We trust health care providers because they are trained to provide health care solutions for us and loved ones. But, what happens when a healthcare provider, like a doctor, fails to meet a standard of care and that causes personal injury?

$6 million lawsuit claims poor treatment resulted in stroke

Certain hospitals and medical care facilities specialize in certain areas of treatment. For example, there are hospitals specializing in medical disciplines throughout Pennsylvania. Some of these specialties include children, cancer centers and burn centers. One Pennsylvania hospital, which advertises itself as a facility for high-level stroke treatment, is under suspicion due to a lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that the hospital failed to give a patient an MRI despite a neurologist’s recommendation when she came to the emergency room in October 2016.