Car accident injuries can last longer than expected

Some people know the long-lasting effects that an injury can have. Most have experience with this due to a sports injury, work injury or just a silly accident that resulted in a serious injury. However, for those who haven’t experienced these type of nagging injuries, those involved in car accidents may not understand how long their injury may linger. The truth is that car accident injuries can last much longer than initially anticipated.

In Allegheny County, car accidents happen every day. Many result in no injuries to the person, just property damage to the vehicle. However, others result in mild to severe injuries from the jarring impact caused by a car collision. This can result in injuries like whiplash and head injuries. Even more serious injuries like spinal injuries and broken limbs can result from a car accident.

At Rosen Louik & Perry PC, we sometimes see those injured in car accidents downplay their injury. Downplaying your injury will not make it better or help you to return to your pre-injury self. Medical care, rehabilitation and a correct diagnosis are all parts of injury rehabilitation and proper medical care after suffering a car accident injury. If you or a loved one is suffering injury symptoms after a car accident, don’t downplay them.

It’s very possible that another person or party was responsible for the motor vehicle accident injuries you suffered, whether partially or totally. A full investigation of the car accident can help to determine if that is the case. No one wants to deal with car accident injuries. However, one must address them and deal with them so that they don’t last longer than necessary or cause even more harm.