Can car accidents cause whiplash?

Thinking of your everyday vehicle, it can be hard to imagine that it could ever be involved in an accident. However, car accidents happen every day and cause injuries to their drivers and their passengers. A car accident can happen for a number of reasons, but there is one injury that is a common complaint after a car accident. That injury is whiplash, and it may sound benign, but it can have a huge impact on the victim.

Whiplash may not sound as severe as other car accident injuries, as it is considered a soft tissue type of injury. Whiplash is common when a vehicle is rear-ended, and a person’s head and neck is violently rocked back and forth. This back and forth motion causes hyperextension or strain on the neck. This is what’s also known as a cervical spine injury.

The crash does not have to be a high-speed one to cause the victim to suffer whiplash. In fact, you may not even realize until several hours or even days after the motor vehicle accident that you’ve suffered a whiplash injury. Tightness, dizziness and serious neck pain are all symptoms that could plague a whiplash victim. The injuries could result in a need to miss work or other obligations and also a need to seek medical care and undergo continued physical therapy.

If you were the victim of a car accident and suffered whiplash due to another driver’s negligence, that driver could be held accountable for the financial damages you suffered. Whiplash shouldn’t be considered an injury without long-term consequences. Without the proper medical attention, it could manifest in different unwanted ways. Seeking compensation can help to offset the wrongs one suffered in a car accident.

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