C-section errors can result in injury to mom and baby

Delivery by caesarean section is nearly as common in the United States as traditional births, which leads many people to think it is a simple procedure. It is not. Thinking that a c-section is not a serious surgical operation is incorrect, and one should not undermine the serious nature of the procedure. Also, one should note the possible unwanted side effects that a c-section could have on mother and baby. For the unlucky ones that do experience a surgical accident or other unwanted side effect due to a c-section delivery, there may be more to the story.

It’s possible that a c-section surgical accident could have occurred due to doctor or hospital negligence. An accident could happen during the procedure itself, upon finishing up the procedure, or the C-section may have been ordered late when a failure to diagnose a condition in a timely manner forces one at the last possible moment. An inability to plan for a c-section delivery could easily cause unnecessary injury to mother or baby. Understanding if negligence played a role is key to seeking damages.

At Rosen Louik& Perry PC, we know just how an instance like this can now and forever impact the injured and their families. A c-section may not have been advisable as an appropriate delivery method for your newborn son or daughter. Or, the procedure was advised too late, a high-risk pregnancy possibly could have benefited from a previously scheduled c-section. Either way, the long-term impact this can have is not always immediately known, especially if the newborn suffers injury.

Realizing that a surgical accident impact is ongoing and to be determined is part of understanding your future after c-section injury. As a child develops, his or her path will become more clear. However, this may require significant medical care and lifestyle adjustments for the family to ensure the injured is well-cared for. As a parent, you only want the best for your children and your family.