Botched C-section could have resounding impacts for mom, baby

Did you know that nearly half of all births today are delivered by Caesarean section as opposed to a traditional birth? It is considered common practice today for doctors and other medical professionals to opt for a C-section at the time of an Allegheny county child’s birth. A C-section may have been planned from earlier in the pregnancy or it could be a split second decision based on the condition of the mother and baby. However, sometimes C-sections do not go as planned and cause injury to the mother or child.

Labor can be a stressful enough event as women are bringing life into the world. While some of this stress can be more on the anticipation or excitement side, negatives stress, like anxiety about the birth itself, can play a factor, too. However, no new parent wants the stress of worrying about their own health or their new child’s health. A C-section could potentially go wrong, which is most parents’ worst fear.

At Rosen Louik & Perry PC, we know how important your own health and the health of your child is. If an injury was sustained during the time of a C-section and that injury could have been avoided, the injured could have a case for negligence against the staff, hospital facilities or another similar party. While not all injuries are avoidable, an investigation into injuries could indicate if they were avoidable or unnecessary and, thus, compensable. The joy of the birth of a child should never be overshadowed by unnecessary injury.

If you are a family of the majority–a family in which mom and baby come out of a C-section procedure no worse for wear–consider yourself lucky. Many families are not so fortunate. Those families should have some path of legal recourse. That legal recourse could be seeking personal injury damages related to birth injury and medical malpractice.