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Personal Injury Settlements Archives

Woman injured on escalator awarded $3 million settlement

The average person rides an escalator thousands of times during their lifetime. We think nothing of it, and rarely consider the dangers involved. However, these seemingly innocuous transports can cause serious bodily injury. One example is a woman who had her toe shredded when she was Christmas shopping in 2013 at a mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. A jury recently awarded her $3 million.

Icy Conditions Lead to Serious Injuries

Personal Injury Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars

icy-slip-fall-conditions.jpgOur client, then working as an employee for a boiler and chimney company, was invited onto the premises of a power plant to perform maintenance work. While walking around the power plant, our client slipped and fell on hazardous snow and ice conditions, which the owners of the power plant had failed to remove.

Gun Owner's Negligence Leads to Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Case Settled for Millions of Dollars

personal-injury-settlement-court-room.jpgThe Defendant in this case was the owner of a gun sales company. The Defendant decided to acquire a high speed, multi-barrel weapon known as a "Mini-gun," capable of firing 4,000 rounds per minute, to enhance customer relations by allowing customers to shoot the gun.

Patient Falls and Dies Due to Negligence of Hospital Staff

After recovering from a stroke in a skilled nursing facility, 82-year old client was listed as a high risk for falls, and client's family signed an authorization that enabled caregivers to use physical restraints so as to prevent client from suffering a fall. However, during client's stay at the facility, these directions were ignored by hospital staff and employees and client frequently was moving from his bed without assistance. The client fell out of bed while in the hospital and hit his head, resulting in an acute subdural hematoma. Client ultimately lapsed into a coma and died a short time after. This case settled for $300,000.00. 

Patient Suffers Renal Failure after Fraternity Hazing

This client sustained serious injures when the client was hazed as part of the rush process for admittance into a fraternity. Client was repeatedly, and brutally, paddled by fraternity brothers. Due to the beating, the client was admitted to the hospital having been diagnosed as suffering from renal failure, hypertension and had experienced two seizures. Prior to the hazing, the client was completely asymptomatic for these conditions. Client contacted The Caring Lawyers, personal injuries attorneys Rosen Louik & Perry to evaluate his claim. This case was hotly contested as the fraternity argued it had no duty to monitor and prevent intentional acts of members. This case settled for $90,000.00 after Rosen Louik & Perry won legal issues on appeal.

Industrial Explosion Kills Three

Our client was one of three individuals who died as the result of an industrial explosion at his place of employment. Under Pennsylvania law, our client was prohibited from suing his employer. Rosen Louik & Perry, Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation Lawyers, worked with a team of Plaintiffs' lawyers to identify other companies responsible for the explosion. Numerous companies that had supplied equipment to detect and prevent explosions as well as companies that designed the system were ultimately sued. After extensive discovery and many depositions, the Plaintiff's team settled all cases for in excess of $22,000,000.00.

Handicapped Girl Raped After Being Left Alone by Custodian

Client, a mentally and physically handicapped ten-year-old girl, was in the care and custody of a former teacher for a weekend away from home. During that time, the client was left in the teacher's residence with a teenage neighbor boy who was painting the house for money. The teacher left the residence in order to retrieve a ladder for use in painting. While the teacher was gone, the teenage boy raped the client. Teenage boy's intentional act was not covered by insurance. Rosen loick & Perry, Pittsburgh Negligence Lawyers, successfully proved, however, successfully proved a claim of negligence against the teacher. The case settled for policy limits of two homeowner's policies after depositions of the individuals involved.

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