Avoid injury by taking properly prescribed medication

Thinking about the treatment options for injured or ill, many think of medication in the form of pills. There are many illnesses or injuries that are often prescribed medication in a pill form, either to help with curing or maintaining the symptoms of a person’s injury or illness. It’s amazing the impact that a medication can have on our ill or injured selves, it can really make a difference for a person who is suffering. However, being prescribed the wrong medication or dosage can be a disaster.

Many might think that little pills couldn’t be that destructive to themselves or loved ones. However, that isn’t true, even though medications are often little, they are mighty. Medications may be prescribed for a variety of ailments, however, each person has a specific dosage and instructions for taking prescribed medication in order to best approach their ailment or situation. Being prescribed the wrong medication, or the wrong dosage, can have disastrous effects.

Medication doesn’t always come in a pill form either. There are liquids, patches and other methods of administering medication. It’s possible that a doctor could make an error in prescribing a medication, either in the type or the dosage. In addition a pharmacist error could occur at the site where a medication is packaged and picked up – if a pharmacist gives the wrong medication or prescribes the wrong dose or doesn’t give proper instructions to the patient, it could easily result in medication error injury.

The scary part is that most people will not recognize if a physician error or pharmacist error has occurred in conjunction with their prescribed medication. At Rosen Louik & Perry, we know how a medication injury can affect a person’s life. A person has the right to be prescribed medication that is not harmful to them. A medication error could easily land someone in the hospital.