August is the most dangerous month on the road

Many assume that the most dangerous month for driving is December with its winter conditions and holiday reverie. Others will point to July with the July 4th holiday, which also ranks high as a dangerous time to be on the road. However, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the most dangerous month for traffic-related fatalities is August with the seemingly random date of August 2 as the most dangerous day of the year. The calculations are based on statistics compiled 2012-2016 by researchers at the IIHS — August 2 had a total of 505 traffic fatalities in a month that has 15,914 fatalities over that five-year period.

Why August?

August has no major holiday and zero chance for a winter storm event, so why is it so dangerous for motor vehicles? The answer actually relates to the above two points. According to a researcher at the IIHS, people tend to let down their guard when they drive in the summer rather than if they are traveling over treacherous roads in December. The other important detail is that families and groups often choose to use their vacation time in August, thus putting a much higher than normal number of travelers on the road, particularly during the first week of August.

Caution should always be exercised

This data is a potent reminder that drivers always need to be careful. Drivers who allow themselves to be distracted by a device, fellow passengers or even the scenery can lead to serious injuries or death on even the most temperate of days.

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