American Airlines passenger suffers brain injury on flight

Whether they are heading to a vacation destination or taking the red-eye for business travel, most people in Pennsylvania who take a flight do so without incident. They trust that they will be taken care of by the employees on the airplane. Unfortunately, just as negligent acts can occur when one is driving automobile, negligent acts could potentially take place on a flight.

A man on an American Airlines flight was injured while the plane was taking off when he was hit in the head by an unsecured rolling beverage cart. Despite the fact that the impact caused a severe brain injury, the flight did not make an emergency landing.

The man has since filed a negligence lawsuit. The man and his wife are pursuing $10 million in damages from the airline.

According to the lawsuit, the beverage cart weighed 300 pounds. The force of the blow resulted in a significant cut to his forehead. The man lost blood and ultimately passed out. Other passengers, including a nurse, tried to provide aid as the employees on the flight did not know what to do.

Now the man has sustained numerous damages, including traumatic brain injury, pain his head, anxiety, mood swings and post-concussive syndrome. Moreover, since being injured, the man has not been able return to his job or even bend over. The injury has also affected his marriage.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this lawsuit will be. But, airline passengers deserve to expect a safe journey to their destination. When otherwise preventable accidents occur, those involved may want to determine whether they can pursue legal action.

Source: Fortune, “An American Airlines Passenger Says a Runaway Beverage Cart Caused His brain injury,” June 15, 2017