Addressing birth injury claims through a lawsuit

In today’s age of modern medicine, it may seem as if birth injuries are rare. However, unfortunately, they do still occur, affecting many families in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

There are a number of circumstances that may serve as the basis for a birth injury lawsuit. First, sometimes, physicians do not properly monitor laboring mothers or fail to perform a timely cesarean section, when needed. Failing to notice signs of fetal distress and failing to timely perform an emergence C-section could lead to a loss of oxygen. That loss of oxygen in turn, could cause the infant to suffer from brain damage or could even prove fatal.

Another mistake that could be made in the delivery process is the improper use of technique or force. If an infant is stuck during the deliver process or is breech, a physician should be able to move the infant into a more desirable position, without causing the infant to suffer from a lack of oxygen or other physical traumas. The misuse of tools, such as suction or forceps, can lead to broken bones, head trauma and nerve damage.

Furthermore, there are neonatal injuries that could result from physician negligence. If a physician does not identify conditions, such as jaundice or respiratory destress, the infant could be permanently injured or even die.

In the end, many birth injuries are entirely preventable and should not have occurred in the first place. A birth injury could cause significant limitations in the child’s life, particularly if the child has special needs. The child may need an operation, therapy and medication. Sometimes, the child ends up needing lifelong care due to a birth injury.

Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys can represent clients in birth injury cases. While a satisfactory settlement of a claim can take place out-of-court, other times, a person’s case must be litigated. Attorneys, such as those at Rosen Louik & Perry, are able to help their clients in all these situations, with the aim of helping clients recover the compensation necessary to address their damages and of helping their client’s child obtain a better quality of life. The firm’s page on birth injuries may provide families with more information on this topic.