A medical misdiagnosis can leave long-lasting, irreparable injury

While the average person may understand when something isn’t quite right with their body, they may not be able to pinpoint exactly what isn’t right. This is why we often seek the help of medical professionals to help us better understand what is going on with our body and health. Because of their medical status, physicians and other medical professionals are expected to uphold a duty of care with their patients. A misdiagnosis could breach this responsibility and cause irreparable injury.

Misdiagnosis is a situation where a person is given a diagnosis for a condition or injury that is incorrect. Sometimes symptoms can point to a number of different potential diagnoses, so it is a health care professional’s responsibility to diagnose the person with the correct illness or injury. While this cannot always be prevented, a healthcare professional is expected to uphold a standard of care comparable to their colleagues under similar circumstances. Failure to do this could point to negligence related to misdiagnosis.

At Rosen Louis & Perry, we know just how devastating a misdiagnosis can be for the injured and their family. The worst part about misdiagnosis is that treatment for an incorrect diagnosis can cause a whole slew of issues and side effects. This is in addition to the further injury that can come from not receiving proper diagnosis and treatment in the first place. It can cause an injury or illness to worsen while receiving treatment for an entirely differently diagnosis injury or illness.

That’s one reason why the potential long-term effects of misdiagnosis are not usually immediately known. Since these things can play out over a long time span, it’s good to anticipate some of the unknown by bringing a personal injury suit. Spending time and resources treating an illness or injury that a person is not suffering from is problem enough. Losing time to actively treat the actual injury or illness is another downside to instances of misdiagnosis.