A birth injury can be life-altering

Most births in the Pittsburgh area go as planned and families are rewarded with a healthy new member of their family. But occasionally the unthinkable happens and a serious birth injury occurs. Many times these injuries are temporary and the infant is able to recover, but occasionally the injury is life-altering and the infant requires years of special care.

There are many types of birth injuries that can occur. If a doctor fails to perform a necessary C-Section the baby can suffer from brain damage and other injuries. The use of forceps or a vacuum can increase the risk of the baby suffering from an extractor injury such as Erb’s palsy. If a doctor fails to monitor a mom in labor they can miss the signs of fetal distress. This can result in babies with brain damage and other serious conditions. Doctors can also miss the signs of preeclampsia which can cause premature birth and the death of babies and moms.

If people suspect that the birth injury their child experienced was the result of a negligent medical provider our firm may be able to help. We have the experience necessary to navigate these complicated cases and hold those who were negligent in their care responsible. Medical negligence during pregnancy and birth not only affects the mom but the baby as well. Our attorneys help families collect compensation for birth injuries that often require years of medical expenses.

It is important to hold medical providers responsible for their mistakes. Unexpected birth injuries can greatly affect a family and it is important for medical providers to adopt measures to prevent future tragedies.