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Surgical Errors Archives

Cosmetic surgery can cause serious injury

Some Pittsburgh residents fantasize about getting plastic surgery. Everyone seems to have something they want to erase on their bodies, like their love handles, larger (or smaller) breasts or maybe a facelift. Although thousands of people undergo cosmetic surgery each year without any lingering side effects, a surgical error can still occur that causes serious injuries.

Blindness after surgical errors can be devastating

Pittsburgh patients know that there are risks that are involved with surgery. But not all risks are disclosed, and surgical errors can occur. One such risk is blindness that can occur after a number of surgeries for the spine, heart, head or neck.

Lack of informed consent

Pittsburgh residents usually visit their doctor regularly. Most people don't have major issues but when a procedure needs to be done informed consent is usually required. When there is a lack of informed consent patients can be injured and surgical errors that are not expected may occur.

Presidential candidate accused of medical malpractice

Although the Presidential election is over a year away many candidates have been announced and the debates have started. Pittsburgh residents are already reading about the candidates in the paper, including one candidate, Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson is a retired surgeon who has been accused of surgical errors.

Cleveland area cardiologist performed unnecessary procedures

Many Pittsburgh residents have heard the reports of people who have suffered from surgical errors. Many times these surgical errors are preventable and cause great harm to patients. A surgeon in the Cleveland area has been found guilty of performing unnecessary procedures on dozens of patients in order to collect insurance payments.

Surgical errors can change a life forever

Many Pittsburgh residents have had to have a surgery. Surgeries are necessary to life-threatening conditions, orthopedic concerns and many other reasons. Most of the time these surgeries go as planned but occasionally a surgical error occurs that causes a major unexpected injury.

Did pediatric surgery center use dirty equipment on patients?

When a person needs to have surgery in Pittsburgh it can be nerve-wracking. Surgery is stressful no matter how routine it is. When the surgery is performed on a pediatric patient parents can often feel helpless. A pediatric surgery center is in the news because it may have performed thousands of surgery with dirty equipment, putting these patients at risk of a surgical error.

Surgical errors happen during Pennsylvania robotic surgery

Over the last several years, robotic surgery has become increasingly popular in the Pittsburgh area. Most Pittsburgh residents have heard of this type of surgery, and many have opted for it for their own procedures. But, there are risks of surgical errors involved with the surgery that have led to injuries and deaths.

Despite safety efforts, surgical errors still occur

As we have discussed in previous blog postings, surgical errors are still occurring in the U.S. There have been many recent safety efforts designed at minimizing these preventable surgical errors and they are rare. But, there are still hundreds that occur each year.

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