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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Improper care leads to worsened condition for cat bite victim

Many Pittsburgh residents have pets. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles are all popular animals and companions for a great majority of people. But occasionally these animals lash out at their human caregivers and cause a serious injury. A woman is suing a Michigan hospital for medical malpractice, alleging they did not properly treat her and failed to diagnose her condition.

Women can suffer serious injuries giving birth

Although the birth of a baby is often an exciting time for new parents in Pittsburgh, there can be serious medical issues that can arise. When there is a failure to diagnose a serious childbirth injury, a woman can suffer from a worsened condition.

New Breast Cancer Guidelines: Will They Lead to More Undiagnosed Cases?

For women in Pittsburgh who have an average risk of developing breast cancer, the time to begin regular mammograms and breast cancer screening has long been debated. In fact, the three largest breast cancer organizations - American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Cancer Society, and U.S. Preventative Services Task Force - all suggest different ages that a woman should begin regular screening. Recently, the American Cancer Society has changed its guidelines in a controversial move from 40 years old, to 45. This comes after a study suggesting that mammograms are actually more harmful for younger women than helpful.

Doctor's family sues hospital for medical malpractice

Many Pittsburgh residents go to the doctor each day seeking answers for what is bothering them. They expect that their doctor will be able to diagnose the issue and help them feel better. Most of the time this is what happens but occasionally a failure to diagnose a serious illness results in the patient suffering from a worsened condition.

Disabled man misdiagnosed twice

When a Pittsburgh resident has to go to the emergency room, they assume that they will receive prompt and accurate care. When a person has a medical emergency, they need immediate and accurate care. Most of the time emergency room doctors can accurately diagnose a condition but when there is a failure to diagnose a worsened condition can occur.

The failure to diagnose liver cancer can be very serious

When a person goes to the doctor with certain symptoms they assume they will receive a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Most of the time this is what happens in the Pittsburgh area but occasionally a patient suffers from a failure to diagnose. Liver cancer is a very serious condition that if not diagnosed early can lead to a worsened condition or even death.

Pennsylvania man receives large medical malpractice settlement

When a Pittsburgh resident goes to the doctor they assume that the doctor will accurately treat their condition. They don't expect that they will wind up in a worsened condition. But this is what happened to a Pennsylvania man who claims that a group of doctors failed to diagnose his spinal fracture.

Man declared dead twice; widow sues for malpractice

Pittsburgh-area residents expect that their doctor makes a timely diagnosis of what is ailing them and comes up with a treatment plan. They don't expect that their doctor is too rushed to see what is really wrong and instead have a failure to diagnose a serious condition. A widow in nearby Buffalo is suing the medical center, ER doctor, and others for a failure to diagnose her now-deceased husband.

Pennsylvania hospital found liable for bedsore injury

When Pittsburgh residents have to spend time in the hospital they assume they will get their injury or illness taken care of and feel better soon. Usually this is the case, but occasionally a patient develops a worsened condition because of negligence. Negligence can occur in many ways, but a recent Pennsylvania court case centered on the failure to diagnose bedsores in a patient.

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