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Birth Injuries Archives

What are the risks of a C-section?

Expecting mothers in Pennsylvania often develop a birth plan. This not only focuses on the needs of the soon-to-be mother, but also provides the mother some calm and ease as the birth nears. And while some birth plans go as planned, unexpected issues can occur. These issues can alter the plan or even lead to errors in the birthing process.

Reducing birth injuries, medical errors through practice

Pittsburgh parents-to-be are full of excitement and trepidation for the upcoming birth of their baby. Most births go as planned but occasionally a birth does not go as expected. These can lead to some scary moments in the delivery room and even a birth injury.

Hospital not allowing patients to film births

When a new baby enters the world families are overcome with excitement and anticipation. The delivery process is usually stressful and overwhelming and some families like to have it on film. A film of the baby's arrival can be a good memory of the baby's first moments in the world. But a hospital is no longer allowing the delivery to be filmed. This can lead to a family not having evidence of a birth injury caused to their newborn.

Who can be held liable for a birth injury?

The birth of a child is an amazing time for Pittsburgh parents. These parents have been waiting for their new arrival for months and have been anxiously planning for it. Nurseries have been painted, cribs have been assembled, clothing has been washed and folded; all of the other preparations have been made. Most births go as planned but unfortunately birth injuries frequently occur. When a birth injury happens who can be held liable?

Therapy options for brachial plexus injuries

Expectant parents in the Pittsburgh area are usually filled with excitement for the upcoming arrival to their family. Most babies are born as expected and are healthy and ready to go home in a few days. But occasionally an unexpected birth injury occurs that causes a serious injury to the newborn.

A forceps delivery can lead to serious injuries

Pittsburgh residents who are expecting the birth of their baby are usually filled with excitement and maybe some anxiety as well. The birth of a baby usually goes as expected with very few complications. But occasionally a birth injury occurs that is unexpected and makes a joyous situation suddenly very sad.

Birth Injuries: what is Pennsylvania birth asphyxia?

Expectant parents in Pittsburgh are anxious and excited about the upcoming birth of their child. A new family member is one of the most momentous occasions in a family's life. Most births go as planned, but occasionally, an unexpected birth injury occurs. These can be scary and traumatic for families as full trust is often put into medical providers.

A birth injury can affect a Pennsylvania family forever

Thousands of Pittsburgh families welcome a new addition into their family each year. Pittsburgh has some of the finest obstetrical care available in the world. Most babies are born healthy, and go home just a few days later. But, occasionally, an unexpected birth injury occurs, which can cause serious and permanent injuries.

Can a Pennsylvania caesarian section lead to birth injuries?

Expectant parents in the Pittsburgh area usually spend time thinking about their delivery options for their newborn. Some parents opt for a natural birth, while others choose a planned caesarian section (C-section) for the delivery process. Still, others who plan for a vaginal delivery run into complications that require an unplanned caesarian section. Although a caesarian section is one of the most performed surgeries in the U.S., there are still birth injuries that can occur.

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