3 things fathers should know about birth injuries

Two of the most joyful times in your life should be your wife’s pregnancy and your child’s birth. However, not all fathers get to experience this joy. Some fathers must deal with a tumultuous pregnancy followed by trouble in the delivery room. Either of these scenarios can be devastating. Fathers who have a wife or baby affected by a birth injury should keep a few points in mind, should they opt to seek compensation.

Injuries during the pregnancy

Some birth injuries start during pregnancy. This can happen if your wife is given medications that can harm the unborn baby. It is important that medical professionals give your wife information about what could happen to the baby if she takes the medication. Without this information, the woman will not know if she is willing to take the risk. Medical professionals not monitoring the pregnancy closely enough cause some birth injuries. If the baby is harmed and the mother didn’t know about possible effects medications could have on the baby, seeking compensation might be in order.

Injuries during the birth

Injuries that occur during birth can be caused by a host of factors. These include the use of forceps or vacuum extractors when they aren’t used in an appropriate manner. Improper monitoring of the baby during the labor and delivery can lead to problems. This would be the case if the baby is in distress and nothing is done to deliver the baby. In some instances, a baby in distress would need to be delivered via an emergency c-section.

It is imperative that you keep an eye what is going on during the labor and delivery because your memory might be better than your wife’s if you end up needing to recall what happened during this time.

Elements of the case

Certain elements present to have a claim for compensation regarding a birth injury. In the instance of medications during pregnancy, the drug must have been prescribed to the pregnant woman, the drug must be associated with birth defects, and the birth defect had to be caused by the drug. In the case of a birth injury caused by malpractice or negligence during birth, you would have to show that the actions of the medical personnel caused the injury.