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New report released on most dangerous toys

It is hard for parents to keep up. They may be careful in their own purchases for the kids, but Aunt Ethel whose kids are grown or confirmed bachelor Uncle Steve may inadvertently go rogue while shopping for Christmas and birthday gifts. While birthdays can still be managed, Christmas may be a blur moving hands and flying paper. This is then followed by racing around house at top speed with the bounty.

It all adds up to many new toys in the house that may not be sanctioned by mom or dad. It can take days or even weeks before kids work their way through their toys, so there is still time for concerned parents to do a quick safety check of the toy box.

To help with this process, the consumer safety group World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has announced its 46th list of the 10 most dangerous toys. While dangers will often be clearly outlined on packaging, parents may not see the warnings before the box is torn apart.

The 10 most dangerous toys

Those that make the list often do so for choking or eye injury.

  1. Cabbage Patch Kids Dance Time Doll: The removable headband and tutu is a choking hazard.
  2. VTech's Zoo Jamz Xylophone: The mallet is a choking hazard.
  3. Nerf Vortex VTX Praxis Blaster: Instead of darts, this toy shoots spongy discs that pose a danger to eyes.
  4. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket: This sends foam rockets 200 feet into the air, and poses a danger when it comes down.
  5. Cutting Fruit Set: The rigid plastic knife is a danger to eyes and ears.
  6. Nickelodeon Nella Princess Knight Pillow Pets Sleepytime Lights: The battery poses a danger if ingested.
  7. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Superstar Blade: There is a potential for blunt force or eye injury.
  8. NICI Wonderland Doll: MiniClara the Ballerina's kitten accessories pose a choking hazard.
  9. Chien A Promener Pull Along Dog: The leash has a potential for strangulation.
  10. Marvel Black Panther Claw: The claw can cause injuries to eyes and face.

Vigilance is necessary

Any parent knows that toys seldom stay put away and a younger child may grab one that is not age appropriate. This is why it is important to proceed with caution when bringing any toy into the house. If a child is severely injured, it may be necessary to seek legal guidance from attorneys who handle personal injury here in Pittsburgh. They can help guide families through the process of gaining the compensation they deserve.

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