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January 2019 Archives

Study finds drowsy driving as dangerous as drinking and driving

There is no disputing the fact that driving while drowsy is extremely dangerous. Now the American Automobile Association has found that one third of all drivers surveyed admitted that they had driven at least once in the previous month while they were so tired that they had difficulty keeping their eyes open. This is confirmed by another study that found that 27 percent of all Americans have trouble falling asleep or remaining asleep.

Parents of dead teen file suit against Tesla

The parents of an 18-year-old riding as a passenger in the front seat of a Tesla S have filed suit against the auto manufacturer. The car was driven by another 18 year old who was also killed when the vehicle crashed into a wall of an exit ramp in Tampa Bay, Florida. A third passenger suffered injuries when thrown clear of the car.

Common malpractice issues involving cosmetic surgery

A vast majority of plastic surgeries leave patients completely satisfied with the results. However, some procedures can leave clients feeling that the results were not even close to what was promised and expected. Despite the fact that this is often elective surgery, plastic surgeons can still be held accountable for their actions and mistakes.

Injuries increase during this time of year

New Years day is a time to think about resolutions. For some this can mean more exercise, but many find themselves thinking about a lawsuit after injury due to careless negligence of others. According to news reports, the holidays and other hard-partying days like the Super Bowl lead to a surge in personal injury lawsuits.

J & J admits to asbestos in baby powder, but it gets worse

Johnson & Johnson has been the leading manufacturer of baby power for decades. Then the company was slapped with a $4.7 billion verdict against it after 22 women claimed that the company's baby powder caused their ovarian cancer. This July 2018 ruling led to further investigations of the company.

A few common medical malpractice issues patients may face

Patients who count on their medical team to provide them with optimal care might balk at the idea that they could receive substandard care. Medical negligence and malpractice are serious issues in this country that are often overlooked. This is due, at least in part, to the fact that some people view doctors as infallible.

New report released on most dangerous toys

It is hard for parents to keep up. They may be careful in their own purchases for the kids, but Aunt Ethel whose kids are grown or confirmed bachelor Uncle Steve may inadvertently go rogue while shopping for Christmas and birthday gifts. While birthdays can still be managed, Christmas may be a blur moving hands and flying paper. This is then followed by racing around house at top speed with the bounty.

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