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March 2018 Archives

Lane-splitting could become legal in Pennsylvania: Is it safe?

One of the drawbacks of being a motorist is getting stuck in seemingly-endless traffic jams. Usually, there is no way for a car or truck to get out of a jam--you must sit and wait until traffic clears. Motorcyclists, however, sometimes choose a different option: They ride between cars in a practice called "lane-splitting."

Distracted drivers are deadly drivers

Distracted driving is a deadly behavior that some drivers completely overlook. Younger drivers sometimes feel like they are invincible. More experienced drivers might think that they can satisfactorily compensate for the distractions. In both of these cases, innocent people can die or suffer from horrific injuries.

Pedestrian Client Struck by Garbage Truck

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement for Several Million Dollars

garbage-truck-accident-settlement.jpgOur client was walking on the berm approximately ten feet away from the nearest lane of travel. The defendant, driving a garbage truck, fell asleep and recklessly traveled out of his lane of travel in such a manner that all ten wheels on his garbage truck crossed the fog line. The Defendant's vehicle struck our client and propelled him into the air.

Client Impacted by Truck and Crushed Against Wall Outside Hospital

Multi-Million Dollar Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

hospital-emergency-room-sign.jpgOur client, working as a respiratory therapist at a hospital, went on break and was sitting at a picnic table outside the hospital. The Defendant, working for a tree removal company, was driving around the hospital parking lot in a pickup truck looking for a maintenance employee of the hospital to discuss tree removal services.

Car accident injuries can last longer than expected

Some people know the long-lasting effects that an injury can have. Most have experience with this due to a sports injury, work injury or just a silly accident that resulted in a serious injury. However, for those who haven't experienced these type of nagging injuries, those involved in car accidents may not understand how long their injury may linger. The truth is that car accident injuries can last much longer than initially anticipated.

Icy Conditions Lead to Serious Injuries

Personal Injury Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars

icy-slip-fall-conditions.jpgOur client, then working as an employee for a boiler and chimney company, was invited onto the premises of a power plant to perform maintenance work. While walking around the power plant, our client slipped and fell on hazardous snow and ice conditions, which the owners of the power plant had failed to remove.

Gun Owner's Negligence Leads to Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Case Settled for Millions of Dollars

personal-injury-settlement-court-room.jpgThe Defendant in this case was the owner of a gun sales company. The Defendant decided to acquire a high speed, multi-barrel weapon known as a "Mini-gun," capable of firing 4,000 rounds per minute, to enhance customer relations by allowing customers to shoot the gun.

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