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February 2018 Archives

Delay in Diagnosing Cancer Leads to Metastatic Spread

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Millions

doctor-patient-cancer-diagnosis.jpgOur female client presented to the hospital with a small mass near her nipple. Without performing a biopsy which was required to rule out cancer, the radiologist examining our client's ultrasound opined that her lump was a sebaceous cyst (a noncancerous bump beneath the skin).

Medical malpractice settlement can be life-changing for injured

Seeking medical care is almost always advisable and recommended when you or a loved one is suffering from an injury or illness. Prior to meeting with medical professionals, the patient may be suffering from symptoms of an undiagnosed illness or injury. One job of medical professionals is to accurately diagnose and treat ailments that Allegheny county residents may be suffering from. From the first point of contact to the last treatment or check-up, errors can occur that can greatly impact a person's quality of life.

Know brain injury symptoms in case you experience a crash

In the moments immediately following a motor vehicle crash or collision, you may simply feel grateful that you can walk away from the wreck. Many people every year sustain broken bones or spinal cord injuries caused by accidents, and you may feel relieved to not have any major symptoms of an injury.

Egregious Obstetrics Leads to Catastrophic Complications for Baby

Multi-Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement

hospital-hallway-obstetrics.jpgOur client presented to the hospital 38 weeks into her pregnancy to induce labor. At the time of her admittance, her baby's baseline heart rate was within the normal range. Our client was examined by an obstetrician who started our client on Pitocin--a drug to augment labor.

Flu can be deadly and needs to be properly diagnosed

The influenza season of 2017-2018 has been quite lethal thus far. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, updated figures indicate that the total number of pediatric deaths from this flu reached 53 as of January 27. Yet it is not just the very young, old and debilitated who are succumbing to the virus.

Can car accidents cause whiplash?

Thinking of your everyday vehicle, it can be hard to imagine that it could ever be involved in an accident. However, car accidents happen every day and cause injuries to their drivers and their passengers. A car accident can happen for a number of reasons, but there is one injury that is a common complaint after a car accident. That injury is whiplash, and it may sound benign, but it can have a huge impact on the victim.

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