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January 2018 Archives

Failure to Timely Deliver Newborn Leads to Permanent Neurological and Developmental Deficits

$15,000,000 Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Settlement 

struggling-newborn-health.jpgOur client received a careless delivery when doctors failed to give proper surveillance to the baby's care and failed to interpret fetal heart rate tracing.

Doctor's Carelessness Leads Client to Irreversible Brain Damage

$8,000,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

blurred-surgery-room.jpgOur client underwent elective surgery. Problems with the patient's airways were discovered post-surgery and the patient needed to be intubated. Our client's conditions slowly worsened and x-rays showed inflammation and fluid in his lungs. The patient's respirations continued to deteriorate, and the patient began showing signs of agitation.

Dangerous Road Conditions Leaves Client Permanently Injured

$12,000,000 Defective Roadway Settlement

icy-roadway-01.jpgOur client was in an automobile accident caused by dangerous road conditions. Numerous days before the accident, the road was reported to have a water leak and despite being notified, there was no immediate action taken to fix the water leak.

Medical Negligence Leads to Late Breast Cancer Diagnosis

$12.8 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict

breast-exam-diagnosis.jpgOur client was involved in a case of medical negligence. When our client scheduled an annual gynecological exam she also requested a mammogram because of her age and family history with breast cancer. Our client was told there were no abnormalities and to schedule a follow-up appointment in a year.

Death of Child in Automobile Accident Near Pittsburgh

$32,000,000 Automobile Accident Verdict

 truck-driving-night.jpgOur clients were involved in a horrible automobile accident while traveling on Route 28 North of Pittsburgh. When the hood of their car popped open they were forced to stop on the road with their emergency blinkers flashing.

Failure to diagnose condition during pregnancy can cause injury

Pregnancy is a joyous time for most couples. Attending checkups during the gestational period and beyond is a great way to ensure the health and safety of both mom and baby. Most appointments go according to plan, without any major concern for mom or baby. However, sometimes a condition that affects mom, baby or both can cause unnecessary injury if the health facility or physician fails to diagnose it.

Previously dismissed medical malpractice case granted a trial

With the court system, there are often several steps that determine the path of a medical malpractice claim. Ideally, a person brings their claim to court where a favorable outcome is reached the first time. However, admittedly, it isn't always that quick and easy. Sometimes, appeals or denied motions can stand in the way.

Can a doctor be held responsible for prescription errors?

Prescription drugs are a regular part of life for many people in the Allegheny County area. Whether they are used to abate symptoms of illness or injury or as a near cure, prescription medication is a huge part of life for many people. The thing with prescription medication, though is that it must be accurately prescribed. Any error made in the prescription or dosage of medication can result in unnecessary injuries.

A medical misdiagnosis can leave long-lasting, irreparable injury

While the average person may understand when something isn't quite right with their body, they may not be able to pinpoint exactly what isn't right. This is why we often seek the help of medical professionals to help us better understand what is going on with our body and health. Because of their medical status, physicians and other medical professionals are expected to uphold a duty of care with their patients. A misdiagnosis could breach this responsibility and cause irreparable injury.

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