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PA doctors fail to diagnose, woman awarded over $3M

Regular check ups are recommended by people and medical professionals alike. Regularly checking the status of a person's health is the best way to catch an illness early and, thus, make it more treatable. If left untreated, an illness is likely to become more resistant to treatment. One such illness, cancer, can be incredibly treatable in the early stages and much more difficult as time goes by.

Unfortunately, one Pennsylvania woman found this out the hard way when she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. According to court proceedings, the woman had been to see two Pennsylvania doctors earlier in the year who determined that the lumps in her breast were benign and did not need further intervention. However, a trip to her gynecologist later in the year determined that was not the case when a lump was found in her armpit and diagnosed as stage 3 breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one of the most notable illnesses that responds well to early treatment. According to the woman's lawyer, the injured had to endure unnecessary and painful treatment due to the doctors' failure to diagnose, and, beyond that, the woman has a higher chance of the cancer reappearing. The Philly jury agreed with the injured and awarded the woman $3.35 million in the medical malpractice suit. An early diagnosis could have subjected the woman to less painful and less expensive treatments, as well as giving her a greater chance to avoid resurgence of the disease once she is in remission.

Medical records are often specific and descriptive in their notes. These records can help pinpoint a medical professional's decisions and, thus, their responsibility in failing to diagnose a person's illness or injury. This can be brought forth in a medical malpractice claim. These claims can pay damages that can help remedy the injuries a patient incurs due to medical negligence.

Source: The Intelligencer, "Philly jury awards $3.35 million in Bensalem woman's medical malpractice suit," James O'Malley, Sept. 4, 2017

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