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Risks associated with a natural birth following a C-section

For most pregnant women in Pennsylvania, it is common to have a birthing plan. For those mothers that delivered via C-section, it is often the case that every birth following that will also be via C-section. This is due to the risks associated with a natural delivery, of which, a ruptured uterus is of primary concern.

While mothers want what is best for the health of their newborn, it is always important to fulfill the needs and best interests of the mother. If a mother seeks to have a vaginal birth after a C-section birth, it is important to understand whether this is a possible birth plan and whether the risks associated with it can be reduced.

According to a recent study, a uterine rupture is the most serious and life-threatening complication that could occur during childbirth. It occurs roughly 0.7 to 0.9 percent of the time during a vaginal birth after a lower segment C-section. Therefore, a vaginal birth is considered safe following a low transverse C-section. The associated risks are easily manageable when compared to repeated lower segment C-Sections.

There are potentially serious maternal and infant complications following a vaginal birth after a C-section or a VBAC. Therefore, if a medical professional clears a pregnant patient to go through a natural delivery following a C-section birth, it is important that the patient is properly monitored. If a medical professional fails to detect or timely address any distress or bleeding, a mother could suffer injuries or a baby could suffer birth injuries.

When a mother suffers pregnancy-related injuries, it is important to understand the cause. If a negligent doctor is liable, an injured mother could hold them accountable for any damages suffered.

Source:, "Concomitant Vesicouterine Rupture with Avulsion of Ureter: A Rare Complication of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section," Nalini Sharma, J Lalnunnem Thiek, Stephen Sialo, Santa Singh Ahanthem, March 1, 2016

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