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January 2016 Archives

Characteristics of a brachial plexus injury in a newborn

Pittsburgh parents expecting the birth of a baby are filled with anticipation and excitement. The birth of a baby is one of the biggest joys parents have in their life. Most births go as planned but birth injuries do occur. When the injury is caused by negligence, parents can be devastated.

Was your gastric bypass improperly performed?

For many Pittsburgh residents, gastric bypass surgery is a great option for improving their life. For most patients this surgery goes as expected but surgical errors do occur. A patient can suffer lifetime consequences from a gastric bypass error.

Overlapping surgery could violate informed consent

When Pittsburgh residents need surgery they usually go through a series of checks to make sure they can have the surgery and what the risks and benefits of the surgery are going to be. Most surgeries go as planned but occasionally an unexpected surgical error occurs that can lead to devastating results including a serious injury.

Can a hospital be sued for negligent doctors?

When a Pittsburgh resident needs to go to the hospital they generally have a serious medical condition. The doctors who a patient may see in the hospital can be from many different areas. If the patient is a victim of a medical mistake, can they hold the hospital accountable for negligently granting hospital privilege to the doctor who made the mistake in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Common reasons why doctors are sued

When a Pittsburgh resident heads to the doctor they expect to receive an accurate diagnosis of their medical condition. Most of the time this is what happens for patients, but occasionally a mistake is made such as the doctor fails to diagnose a serious condition. When a mistake happens a patient may have the right to sue their physician.

Trials to extend working hours under fire as unethical

Many Pittsburgh residents know the amount of work that medical students and residents put in each week. They have been notoriously overworked with limited amount of time off. The combination of inexperience and extended hours that are worked by medical residents can put patients at harm of medical malpractice.

A fetal stroke can have devastating consequences

Pittsburgh parents-to-be can be filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming arrival of their new baby. Most births go as planned and the newborn arrives healthy. But occasionally a birth injury occurs that can affect a family forever.

The failure to diagnose periodontal disease is serious

Going to the dentist is something that most Pittsburgh residents do twice a year. Dentists provide a service to keep teeth in good shape and to help treat cavities and diagnosing gum disease when it's still in its early stages. When a dentist fails to diagnose periodontal disease early in a patient the patient can wind up with more serious dental issues and a worsened condition.

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