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May 2015 Archives

A medication error can cause unexpected injuries

Many Pittsburgh residents take a medication, or several, to help with a serious medical condition or just to maintain a standard of health. Most of the time the medication a person receives is what was intended. But occasionally a medication error occurs where a patient receives the wrong drug or the wrong strength of a drug.

June 10 is National Time Out Day

Despite protocols being in place to prevent surgical errors in medical facilities these errors still occur too often in Pittsburgh and all around the U.S. On June 10 hospitals and surgery centers will mark National Time Out Day to prevent surgical mistakes.

A birth injury can be life-altering

Most births in the Pittsburgh area go as planned and families are rewarded with a healthy new member of their family. But occasionally the unthinkable happens and a serious birth injury occurs. Many times these injuries are temporary and the infant is able to recover, but occasionally the injury is life-altering and the infant requires years of special care.

Are nondisclosure clauses harming patients?

Pittsburgh residents have the right to the very best healthcare possible. Medical providers have the duty to provide accurate and timely care to their patients. When a medical malpractice event occurs occasionally the malpractice settlement has a nondisclosure clause. These nondisclosure clauses may result in more patient harm.

Woman awarded millions after suffering stroke

The birth of a child is something that many families look forward to with joy. Families anticipate the arrival by decorating nurseries, attending showers and preparing for how their family will be with the new arrival. Most births go as expected but sometimes issues can arise that cause serious medical errors for mothers.

Electronic health records can cause serious problems for patients

Many Pittsburgh residents know how popular electronic health records have become recently. It seems like almost every medical provider now uses EHRs to hold important patient information. But, how safe is this technology for patients? It turns out that there frequently are errors in a patient's electronic health record.

Failure to diagnose is most common form of medical malpractice

Anyone who has suffered from medical malpractice in Pittsburgh can share how traumatizing it can be. Patients have to put full trust in their doctors that they are making the right diagnosis and have ordered the right tests and interpreted the results correctly. But, in thousands of cases each year across Pittsburgh and the U.S. medical malpractice occurs including the failure to diagnose cancer.

An umbilical cord problem can cause serious injuries

The birth of a child is an excited event for families in Pittsburgh. The anticipation and planning that precedes the birth goes on for months. Most births go as planned but occasionally a birth injury occurs that is very serious. One issue that does happen involves umbilical cord accidents.

Failure to diagnose lung cancer can worsen patient outcomes

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for Pittsburgh residents. If cancer is diagnosed early in a patient often a person's life can be extended with early treatment. But the failure to diagnose cancer early can lead to delayed treatment and a worsened patient outcome.

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