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January 2015 Archives

Misdiagnosed cancer happens more frequently than expected

Many Pittsburgh residents will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. A cancer diagnosis can be scary for anyone regardless of the type of cancer. And when a person receives a cancer diagnosis, the treatment and surgery can be painful and debilitating.

Woman gets permanent brain injury as result of negligent doctor

Many Pittsburgh residents will be under the care of a physician this year. Doctors are among the most trusted members of our society and provide a necessary service. They help thousands of people each year with minor illnesses, serious injuries and everything in between. But occasionally a physician can be found to be negligent as is the case with a physician who failed to monitor his patient.

A surgical site infection can be serious

Thousands of Pittsburgh residents will undergo surgery this year. These surgeries are medically necessary for many people and will hopefully bring them a better quality of life. One unexpected outcome of a surgery is a surgical site infection that can lead to a worsened condition, extended hospital stay and even death.

What are some signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy?

For Pittsburgh parents the birth of a baby is the highlight of their lives. This much anticipated event brings much joy and purpose to the family. But occasionally the birth can be clouded in unexpected sorrow when a birth injury affects the newborn.

Failure to diagnose stroke can have serious consequences

Pittsburgh emergency rooms see thousands of patients each year with stroke complications. Most of these patients are older when they suffer from a stroke, but people who are under the age of 50 may also have a stroke.

Facility where surgery took place may be liable for doctor error

Thousands of Pittsburgh residents have surgery every year. Most of these surgeries go as planned, but occasionally a surgical error occurs. When this unexpected event happens, patients often hold the surgeons accountable. But, it may also be possible to hold the facility where the surgery took place accountable as well.

Woman receives cancerous pancreas transplant and later dies

Organ transplants are miracles of modern medicine. Thousands of patients across the United States have a second chance at life each year when they receive a transplant. In Pittsburgh many people are saved each year because someone gave the gift of life when they passed away. But a tragic story has come to light regarding an organ transplant that went wrong and caused an unexpected death.

Children especially prone to medication errors

Pittsburgh parents are usually well-versed in prescription medication for their children. That's because they get a lot of practice from their kids' picking up illnesses at school and collecting injuries on the playground. Many times these illnesses require medication.

Do you need a medical malpractice attorney?

Almost all Pittsburgh residents use a medical provider every year. Doctors are an important part of families' lives as they keep them healthy and help them recover from illness and injury. But sometimes things go wrong and these doctors make a mistake that puts a patient in a worsened condition.

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