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October 2014 Archives

Can women in Pittsburgh rely on thermography?

As many Pittsburgh residents know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most women over the age of 40 know that it's important to get a mammogram. But, recently a new type of screening has emerged that has doctors worried, thermography. Is thermography a substitute for a mammogram or does it lead to a failure to diagnose cancer?

What are some injuries that occur during birth?

Pittsburgh residents who are awaiting the birth of a child are filled with excitement. The birth of a child is one of the most joyous occasions for a family. Usually the birth goes as planned but birth injuries do occur during the delivery process. There are several birth injuries that can occur.

We can help hold doctors accountable for birth injuries

Last week we discussed a brachial plexus birth injury called Erb's Palsy. This birth injury affects thousands of newborns each year. Although mothers in the United States receive some of the best obstetrical care these injuries still occur.

Complications can cause brachial plexus injuries during birth

Parents who are anticipating the birth of a child are filled with joy. The birth process itself can always bring some apprehension, but most of the time there are no complications. Unfortunately, not all births go as planned and birth injuries can occur.

Can tracking a PA surgeon's moves reduce surgical errors?

Pilots on airplanes have a "black box" that records their movements while flying. Researchers in Canada are now studying a "black box" for surgeons that may help cut down on surgical errors. Thousands of patients die from medical errors each year in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, so anything that can help cut down on the number of mistakes can be a welcome addition.

First United States Ebola victim's family questions hospital care

With Ebola showing in the United States, it has many residents concerned about their own health and safety. This past Thursday, the first Ebola victim in the United States died, leaving behind his family wondering if the failure to diagnose him with Ebola when he first went to the emergency room resulted in his delayed treatment and worsened condition.

We can help if you are suffering from a surgical error

Thousands of surgeries are performed each year in Pittsburgh. Most of them go as planned and help the patient with their ailments. But, according to recent studies up to 20 percent of patients experience painful side effects and injuries as the result of surgery. Despite having great surgical facilities in Pittsburgh, surgical errors still occur.

Lawsuit: Sponge left behind after surgical procedure

Every person who goes to the doctor should be able to expect that a doctor will be careful and thorough during every operation. And while doctors are human and can make mistakes, there are some basic mistakes that should never be made by any person during surgery. 

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