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June 2014 Archives

Lawsuit pending against hospital after sponge left inside woman

Pennsylvania residents may have heard about a California woman's experience following a hysterectomy surgery in 2007. She recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Simi Valley Hospital in Ventura County after a sponge left behind in the 2007 surgery required the removal of nearly half of her intestines.

Hospital attempts to cut down on deadly ER medication errors

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the steps that one hospital is taking to prevent injury to patients due to medication errors. These methods, however, may not be able to be replicated by many hospitals due to budget concerns.

Government study links worker fatigue and medical errors

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority released an article on June 5 highlighting a connection between worker fatigue and health care mistakes. According to the article, health care worker fatigue was cited as a factor in 1,601 reported incidents between June 2004 and August 2013.

Undiagnosed diabetes linked to heart attacks

Data from a study released at a 2014 American Heart Association convention showed that heart attacks occur in about 10 percent of people in Pennsylvania and across the nation who actually have diabetes but who have not yet been diagnosed. The information was based on 2,854 patients who suffered heart attacks in 24 hospitals who were not aware they had the disease. The potentially dangerous increase in blood sugar levels increases the risk for a heart attack. Medical professionals later diagnosed the patients through tests of their A1C levels.

Rosen Louik & Perry teams up with Meyer Wilson to Recover Investments from Alleged Ponzi Scheme

As a law firm dedicated to protecting the interests of injured individuals we were very disturbed to learn of the financial devastation many suffered as the result of a masterminded alleged Ponzi scheme. We certainly wanted to help the victims but honestly did not possess the knowledge or experience to provide the excellent representation we promise to deliver to our clients.

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