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December 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania-based company being sued for misdiagnosis

A Washington woman has filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania-based company Bio life Plasma Services for falsely telling her that she had HIV and hepatitis. The woman is suing the plasma donation company for $10,000, stating that the misdiagnosis led to a nightmare ordeal lasting 10 days. Bio life allegedly used 100 samples of blood that had been pooled for processing in order to make the diagnosis. The woman states that the mistake left her in a state of debilitating emotional distress.

Lawsuit says doctors failed to diagnose compartment syndrome

Imagine feeling a pressure in your muscles so intense that your blood flow is slowed to the point that low levels of oxygen in your body result in damage to muscle and nerve cells. These are the painful symptoms of compartment syndrome, which one woman says doctors failed to diagnose.

Report: Hospital error third leading cause of death in U.S.

Back in 1984, medical data indicated that in the United States preventable hospital mistakes caused about 98,000 deaths annually. That number would seem shocking enough, but a more recent report published by the Journal of Patient Safety is even more disturbing. The report estimates that about 440,000 deaths occur each year in the U.S. because of hospital errors.

Medical malpractice, other charges mount against doctor

He has had his medical license suspended for "endangering and deceiving patients," according to reports. He has also reportedly failed to have required medical malpractice insurance and has seriously injured patients having abortions performed at his clinics.

Studies show that cooling therapy can help treat birth asphyxia

One of the most common causes of birth injury is birth asphyxia, which can lead to mental and physical disabilities early or later in a child's life. Studies show that out of every 1,000 births, between one and five involve birth asphyxia, the main danger of which is a lack of oxygen to the infant's brain.

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