Premises Liability Verdicts

Victim Trips Over Department Store Carpet Falling Face First Into Glass Door
This client tripped over a carpet that was known to never lie flat in a popular department store and fell face first into a set of glass doors. The client suffered injuries to her face, shins and shoulder. This premises liability case was settled for $100,000.

Racquetball Player Loses Finger At The Gym
This client was playing racquetball at a gym when the client sustained a traumatic amputation to the right small finger when it became caught in a glass door situate and a part of the rear wall of the court. The glass door had a defect that was a dangerous and unsafe condition. The property owner was sued for failing to correct or warn of the defect. This case settled for $165,000.

Building Owner Found Responsible After Fire Severely Burns Victim
The client suffered grievous injuries as the result of being trapped in an apartment building during a fire. The client was the only individual to survive the fire and did so because she heroically hung from a four-story window and awaited firefighters' rescue. Unfortunately, the left side of the client's body that was holding on to the inside of the window was completely burned off. Client has no toes and very little foot on the left side, has no fingers and no left hand and all of the skin on the left side of the body was burned to the bone. Through numerous operations the client has had skin graft transfer that has allowed the client to survive despite the severity of the injuries. Unfortunately, the client has been rendered permanently and totally disabled and the psychological effects of the disfigurement are as serious as the physical infirmities. Liability against the building owner was hotly contested as defendant claimed they were not responsible for arson. (The arsonist was convicted and sent to prison.) After years of discovery, this case settled for $1.05 million, an amount in excess of available insurance.

Building Owners Found Responsible For Rooftop Ice Striking Victim In Face
The client was struck with a piece of ice that had fallen off of the roof of a building. As a result of the accident, the client suffered post-traumatic cervical myofascial pain and fibromyalgia. It was discovered that the building owners had knowledge of the problem of falling ice from the roof, as it had been reported multiple times earlier that day. However, no efforts were made to warn patrons of the dangerous condition. The case settled for $ 115,000.

Absence Of Handrail On Handicapped Ramp Results In Head Injury
The client, who had a prosthetic left leg, was walking up a handicapped ramp with a cane, lost balance and fell backwards. The ramp failed to have a handrail. The client lost consciousness for over a minute and was rushed to the hospital. The client suffered a fractured skull and intracranial bleeding. The case settled for $400,000.

Woman Suffers Injuries After Automatic Door Malfunctions
The client was visiting her spouse in the hospital and was going through an automatic door when the door closed on the client throwing her into the wall. The client suffered a broken hip and fractured arm. This case settled for $160,000.

Suit Filed In Connection With Head Injury At Plant
Worker injured and rendered incapacitated by a swinging bleed line, causing severe head injuries. Two counts of premises liability were filed against companies responsible.