Negligence Verdicts

Young Girl Suffers Permanent Stomach Complications From Kid's Meal
This young girl contracted a foodborne illness, E-coli, from eating a Kid's Meal at a popular fast food restaurant. After the incident, the client suffered from the after-effects indicating gastric problems that required a very low-fat diet. The condition was permanent. The client experienced frequent severe stomach pain when she deviated from her strict diet due to the irreversible damage done to the pancreas. Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., attorneys were able to prove that the E-coli was introduced via the negligence of the fast food. The case was settled for $950,000.

Gas Light Explosion Kills 87-Year-Old In House Fire
This 87-year-old client was involved in a house fire, which started from a gas explosion inside her house. Detailed forensic investigation by Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., discovered that the explosion was caused by a gas leak caused when a telephone pole was placed on the gas line at street level pulling the line off its connection at our client's house. The area to place the pole had been mismarked by the "One Call" system which is designed to properly mark gas lines. Both the gas and electric company were sued. The client died instantly in the explosion. This case was settled for $1 million.

Electrical Explosion Results In Serious Flash Burns
Our client suffered grievous injuries when an electrical power shanty exploded when he was working near it. As a result of the electrical explosion and fire that ensued he suffered from flash burns to approximately 70 percent of his body. The client was forced to undergo extensive medical care and treatment, and suffered from the psychological effects of a burn victim. He also sustained permanent scarring and limitations as a result of these injuries. Defendants were found to be in violation of the National Electric Code requiring trough and block covers used in electrical installations. This case settled for $1,537,500.

Negligence Of Hardware Store Owner Results In Fatal Shooting Of Police Officer
A local police officer pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop in a very rural Pennsylvania town. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer was fatally shot by a teenage occupant of the vehicle. The gun used in the killing had been stolen from a hardware store and sold to the killer. Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., lawyers were able to prove that the hardware store owner was negligent in his safekeeping of firearms, thereby permitting the theft. The case was vigorously defended until Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., lawyers were able to extract damning admissions from the store owner during his deposition. Within a month, the case settled for insurance policy limits.

Handicapped Girl Raped After Being Left Alone By Custodian
Client, a mentally and physically handicapped 10-year-old girl, was in the care and custody of a former teacher for a weekend away from home. During that time, the client was left in the teacher's residence with a teenage neighbor boy who was painting the house for money. The teacher left the residence in order to retrieve a ladder for use in painting. While the teacher was gone, the teenage boy raped the client. Teenage boy's intentional act was not covered by insurance. Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., however, successfully proved a claim of negligence against the teacher. The case settled for policy limits of two homeowner's policies after depositions of the individuals involved.

Woman Struck By Car While Crossing Roadway
The client suffered serious injuries when she was struck by a car. Defendants argued that client was totally at fault because she was crossing the roadway at an area not designated as a pedestrian crosswalk. This case settled for $200,000.

Woman Suffers Neck And Back Injury After Being Struck By Falling Case Of Pepsi
Client was shopping at a grocery store when a case of Pepsi fell and struck client on the head. Client left the store but later returned to file an incident report. Defendants argued that the event never happened and, if it had, client was not injured noting that she left the store without assistance. Client suffered a neck and back injury. The case settled for $165,000.

Victim's Family Settles Suit With USAir
Family of airline crash victim settles suit with airline for an undisclosed sum.

Sick Children's Parents Sue Fast Food Restaurants
Family of children sickened by E. coli infection file suit against restaurants.

Couple Wins $1 Million In Genetic Defect Lawsuit
A Fayette County couple won more than $1 million from a U.S. District Court jury that found Duke University and a Durham technician negligent for failing to warn the couple of genetic problems that caused birth defects in their, daughter. Child died of birth defects.

USAir, Boeing To Pay Man In Wife's Flight 427 Death
Client receives settlement for wife's death in airline crash.