Defective Product Verdicts

Man Fatally Injured By Rolling Vehicle
The client suffered fatal injuries after a 10-year-old vehicle rolled backwards pinning the client between the vehicle and a telephone pole. The vehicle had a history of drifting backwards when the emergency brake was engaged. The vehicle manufacturer was sued for producing a defective product. The manufacturer denied liability and cited millions of products on the market with properly functioning brakes during the 10-year period since manufacturing. The case settled for $420,000.

Patient's Lower-Leg Amputated After Getting Foot Caught Under Defective Jetway
This client suffered severe injuries as the result of getting his foot caught under a Jetway during his employment with an airline company. A Jetway is the mobilized ramp used to allow passengers to get on and off an airplane. This accident caused the client to suffer the loss of his big toe, crushing destruction of his left foot that required multiple surgeries, a loss of nerves and tendons, back injuries and permanent scarring. Due to the severe amount of pain these injuries caused the client, he ultimately had to have his leg amputated at the knee. Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., lawyers were the first to ever sue the manufacturer of the Jetway for producing a defective, dangerous and unsafe product. The manufacturer refused to make a settlement offer arguing that thousands of Jetways in the market and decades of use without a lawsuit proved the safety of the product. The case was tried to a jury and plaintiff received a verdict of $1,123,483.92. Defendant appealed the case the entire way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court but lost.

Unnecessary Metal Component Of Coat Causes Severe Damage To Eye
This client bought a new coat at a department store which was equipped with an elastic drawstring with a metal cone-shaped object attached. This metal piece got caught under a person who sat next to client and released under tension when client stood up. The metal cone hit client in the eye. The client suffered traumatic hyphemia to the right eye, a contusion of the right eye, blood in the anterior chamber of the right eye, and a significant sectoral iris tear. Client was forced to undergo various surgical procedures and was left with permanent injury to her depth perception and permanent ocular damage. Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., lawyers pursued a product liability case against the national retailer as well as coat manufacturer. Plaintiff's theory was that the cone-shaped metallic end attached to an elastic drawstring served no legitimate purpose but made the product unreasonably dangerous. Numerous, safer alternative designs were available. Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., secured experts who supported this theory and the case settled for $300,000.

Plaintiff Wins Verdict In Products Liability Suit Behling vs. Jetway Systems $925,723Client injured while working on ground crew at airport sues manufacturer of people mover after wheel crushes his foot. Client's attorneys argued the product was inherently defective and dangerous. Jury found product defective, manufacturer liable and awarded victim $925,723.