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Bad Faith Verdicts

Man Dies Due to Smoke Inhalation Resulting in Bad Faith Claim Against Insurer
While burning Christmas wrapping paper in his backyard, the decedent lost control of the fire and called for help. When firemen arrived ten minutes later they found the entire backyard engulfed in flame. While spraying the flames, the decedent was found lying face up with a charred phone next to his ear. The coroner determined the cause of death to be smoke inhalation. The defendant insurance company refused to pay accidental death benefits claiming the death was caused by a pre-existing heart problem that was triggered by the vigorous activity of trying to extinguish the brush fire. Rosen Louik & Perry lawyers obtained tapes of the 911 call and were able to establish that the client's decedent was snoring after he lost consciousness. This was inconsistent with an immediately fatal heart attack. Forensic pathologists were retained as experts who confirmed smoke inhalation as the cause of death. This case, including a bad faith cause of action, settled in excess of policy limits for $ 537,500.00

Premises Liability Verdicts

Victim Trips over Department Store Carpet Falling Face First into Glass Door
This client tripped over a carpet that was known to never lie flat in a popular department store and fell face first into a set of glass doors. The client suffered injuries to her face, shins and shoulder. This premises liability case was settled for $100,000.00.


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One of the initial questions that prospective clients ask is, "What is my case worth?" Ethically, lawyers are prohibited from placing a value on a case at the outset of the attorney client relationship and this restriction makes sense. We don't want lawyers making false representations about case values in order to secure being retained. That would be a form of false advertising. In addition, any lawyer who would provide an estimated value on a case at its outset is being dishonest. Every case is different and no two cases have the same value. Changing one fact in a case can have a million dollar impact on the ultimate outcome. Only after a case has been fully developed and all facts understood by the lawyer can values be determined. At that point, a client must rely upon the knowledge and experience of his or her lawyers relating to the value of a case.

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