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Medical Malpractice Archives

Doctor Ignores Symptoms Of Brainstem Ischemia

The client was complaining of numbness and dizziness on admittance into the hospital. The doctor in question ignored neurological symptoms attributable to brainstem ischemia, which is a symptom of strokes. These symptoms should have been recognizable to the doctor. These symptoms should have been recognizable to the doctor." To "Rosen Louik & Perry's expert medical malpractice team concluded that these symptoms. The delay caused unilateral weakness on the left side of client's body. This case was settled for $550,000.00.

Doctors Casual Attitude Results In Preventable Heart Attack

The client suffered from an acute myocardial infarction (complicated by ventricular fibrillation). Rosen Louik & Perry proved that the doctor's casual attitude resulted in a preventable heart attack. The case settled for $425,000.00. 

Patient Suffers From Pain and Leg Weakness Due to Improperly Placed Pedicle Screws

This client underwent surgery to alleviate chronic leg pain involving the placement of screws into the pedicles of client's spine. After the procedure, neurophysical monitoring was done to ensure the pedicle screws were properly placed. However, due to a technician's misreading of the monitoring data, it was determined that the screws were properly placed, when in fact they had not been. As a result, client's condition was exacerbated, causing client to develop new pain and leg weakness. Rosen Louik & Perry represented the client and filed for pain and suffering damages. Defendant contended that all of client's pain was caused by the underlying condition. This case settled for $250,000.00.

Trazadone Prescription Causes Patient To Develop Priapism

The client developed priapism, which is a potentially harmful and painful medical condition in which the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state. After four hours, irreversible damage can occur. The client's priapism resulted from a prescription of Trazodone which he had been prescribed for anxiety. The prescribing doctor never told the client to seek immediate medical care if priapism developed and then failed to immediately act when client called reporting an erection. Client sought a claim against doctor and called Pennsylvania Malpractice Law Firm Rosen Louik & Perry. This case settled for policy limits of $1,000,000.00 immediately before opening statements.

Vaginal Reconstruction Of Irradiated Tissue Results In Permanent Colostomy And Urostomy

Twenty years after successfully beating childhood cancer, this young lady sought to have vaginal reconstruction of the areas that were treated and removed in order to eradicate her cancer. The plastic surgeon attempted surgery on irradiated tissue, (tissue previously exposed to radiation) an act that should never be done. The Caring Lawyers, Rosen Louik & Perry represented the client's reconstructive surgery malpractice claim. In addition to causing additional damage, the surgeon also sentenced this woman to a permanent colostomy and urostomy. This case settled for $ 3,760,000.00.

Patient Suffers Ankle Fracture After Surgeon Fails to Immobilize Ankle Following Surgery

The client in this case sustained a left ankle fracture that required surgery to correct. However, client's orthopedic surgeon failed to immobilize client's ankle after the surgery, causing the client to lose the fracture reduction, requiring a second surgery. Client's physician also failed to recognize and treat a deep wound infection that had developed in client's ankle subsequent to her surgery, which led client to contract MRSA. The client required an additional surgery to correct the damage to her ankle. The client retained Rosen Louik & Perry to investigate a MRSA Malpractice claim. This case settled for $350,000.00.

Patient Succumbs to Cancer After Doctors Fail to Diagnose Tumor

The client, a long-term tobacco user, presented to his doctor complaining of a sore throat and change in voice. After undergoing a physical examination and CT scan, client's doctor interpreted the lesion in client's neck as clinically benign. Soon after, client presented to the emergency room exhibiting signs of progressive airway compromise and was found to have a near-total airway obstruction caused by a large laryngeal mass within client's throat. Due to the delay in diagnosis, this massive supraglottal tumor ultimately metastasized and despite radical surgery and chemotherapy, client succumbed to the cancer. Pennsylvania Malpractice Law Firm Rosen Louik & Perry represented client's family in a failure to diagnosecancer claim. The case settled for $250,000.00.

Patient Requires Hip Replacement after Misdiagnosis of Avascular Necrosis

Our client suffered right groin pain after child birth and her doctors diagnosed the pain as a muscle strain. The doctor in question prescribed the client a muscle relaxer which did not relieve her pain. She went to a different doctor and was diagnosed with avascular necrosis, a disease resulting from the temporary or permanent loss of the blood supply to an area of bone. The doctor in question failed to diagnose the client with avascular necrosis and deprived the client of a substantial opportunity to preserve her native hip joint. The client required a hip replacement. The case settled for $650,000.00. 

Patient Severely Disfigured After Radical Thoracotomy

The client in this case complained of mild discomfort in the left chest area. A CT scan revealed bilateral intrathoracic masses of both lungs. She underwent a thoracoscopic biopsy of the masses. It was determined that the masses were benign but needed to be removed. Our client was told that the masses could be removed by non-invasive surgery but nevertheless performed a radical Thoracotomy which resulted in severe disfigurement and the removal of several ribs. This surgical malpractice had devastating effects on the client, and she contacted the malpractice law firm of Rosen Louik & Perry.
This case settled for $1,200,000.00.

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