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Despite the stress, time pressures and hustle, the holiday season remains my most favorite time of the year. There truly is a magic to the season as the best in people makes an annual appearance.


As we prepare for another Presidential election, barely a day goes by without hearing a mastermind plan to fix the country's problems from a Presidential hopeful, or long shot. The problems facing our country are too enormous to be easily fixed and the political rhetoric is difficult to tolerate. That being said, it is beyond disturbing that politicians willingly and knowingly distort facts and lie in order to keep their political money flowing. Despite the economic collapse over the past several years, the facts are that the rich have been getting richer while things keep getting worse for the poor, the downtrodden, the unemployed. The folks picketing Wall Street and corporate headquarters do have a legitimate point. Can the middle class ever be restored without meaningful financial and corporate reform? We will probably find out in a few years because corporate America understands the game of public opinion. Corporate America has the insight to fool the American public and the money to peddle their snake oil. The deception of the American public is so outlandish as to be criminal. A simple review of an issue near and dear to our hearts here at Rosen Louik & Perry provides a frightening illustration.


When the hospital and physicians in whom you have placed your trust provide you with negligent care, or commit a medical error, what can you do? You may be faced with overwhelming physical and emotional pain. Your overall health and emotional functioning may have been permanently impaired. You may have lost income. You may be forced to spend large sums of monies for doctors, hospitals and other items necessary for proper care and treatment, and you may be forced to spend additional sums in the future. One the most important decisions, hiring the right lawyer, could mean the difference between getting fair compensation for your injuries or an unjust settlement that does not cover your medical bills, wages or future expenses.

Plaintiff's medical malpractice attorney speaks of UPMC physicians about depositions.

At the invitation of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's risk manager and director of patient safety, Neil Rosen recently spoke to physicians associated with UPMC about being deposed as a defendant during the discovery phase of medical malpractice litigation. Rosen, who almost exclusively represents plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases, cautioned those in attendance that they should take their deposition very seriously, as a poor performance makes defense of the case more difficult and increases the value of the case from the victim's perspective.

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