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Personal Injury Archives

New Jersey Transit kills 1, Injures 114

A commuter train on the New Jersey Transit Line smashed into the Hoboken Terminal on the morning of September 29th, killing one person and injuring 114 according to the Washington Post. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the following regarding the crash: "The train came at a high rate of speed into the station and crashed through all the barriers, bringing it all the way to the internal wall of the Hoboken terminal. We have no indication that this was anything but a tragic accident." According to reports, some passengers were trapped under debris from the train and many people were openly bleeding from their injuries.

Report Finds Child Drownings Down 11 Percent Nationwide

Pool Safely's national public education campaign that works to reduce child (15 and under) drownings in swimming pools and spas appears to be having a positive effect. A recent report released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission showed an 11 percent decrease in fatal child swimming pool drownings. To take the pledge and ensure your family is safe in the water this year, visit the Pool Safely website.

Value of Homemakers

It's commonly believed that individuals suffering serious injuries can only recover money damages if they lose wages from a job held outside the home. But what about those whose main responsibility is taking care of the home?

The Contingent Fee

Many people don't consider hiring a lawyer because they think they all charge by the hour and at high rates. But in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, lawyers usually don't charge by the hour, they work on a contingent fee basis.

Don't Delay Filing a Suit

Statutes of Limitations for filing personal injury law suits are typically two years. But there are other good reasons for acting promptly.

Statutes of Limitation - Minors Tolling Statute

With few exceptions in Pennsylvania, adults must file suits within two years of an accident. But where a child is the victim, the law extends the time for filing until the age of 18. The law provides an opportunity to the children of Pennsylvania a two year period from their age of adulthood, eighteen, to pursue legal wrongs. Nevertheless, it is still important for parents to contact counsel early so that a child's rights may be best preserved. 

Statute of Limitations

This is a most important legal concept and it is CRITICAL that you understand what the term means. Simply stated, the statute of limitations defines the time-period during which a victim is legally entitled to file a lawsuit. Once the time-period established by the applicable statute of limitations expires, an injured individual is forever prohibited from seeking redress. Particular periods of limitation vary from state to state. In Pennsylvania, personal injury and medical malpractice suits must be filed within two years of the date of incident or from discovery of the wrong. Minors are provided more time as explained below. Individuals must act promptly to pursue their rights. Even if you have waited a long time, it is probably worth a phone call to counsel to determine if you may still have a viable claim. 

Pain and Suffering

Most injuries have economic consequences to the victim. For example, there may be unpaid medical bills, lost wages, nursing and child care expenses. These economic damages are quantifiable and can be awarded in a lawsuit. Frequently, the most significant injuries suffered by the victim cannot be quantified. These damages include pain and suffering, disfigurement, embarrassment, humiliation, and not being able to enjoy the pleasures of life. The experts in pain and suffering settlements are the twelve men and woman of the jury. After hearing all of the evidence during the trial, the jury is charged with the responsibility of determining the dollar amount of the pain and suffering settlement needed to fairly compensate victims for their injuries. 

How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

As with all major decisions in life, the choice of an attorney to handle legal matters on your behalf can be very stressful. Although there are no rules to guarantee that your choice of a lawyer will be right, there are several factors that can assist you in selecting the right attorney for your case.

Personal Injury Verdicts

Our personal injury attorneys at Rosen Louik and Perry have real experience winning personal injury cases and settlements in the Pittsburgh, PA region. Below are a few examples of real clients we have helped receive compensation they deserved for pain and suffering caused by a personal injury caused by negligence or malice. If you think you may have a personal injury case, contact us to evaluate your claim.

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