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Sled Riding Safety

Autumn is upon us and soon the snow will begin falling. Snow brings with it the joy of playing in the snow and sled riding for kids across the country. But sled riding can be a dangerous endeavor for children; according to the most recent statistics, over 50,000 children per year are treated at hospitals due to sled, toboggan, and tube related injuries.

Lessons to Learn From Zimmerman and Martin

Honestly, I did not follow the George Zimmerman criminal trial. On the surface it appeared to be a tragic outcome but I refuse to follow the media when it attempts (successfully unfortunately) to focus public attention on situations that don't warrant the focus. Personally, I was far more moved by the 19 young, elite firefighters who lost their lives attempting to save their fellow citizens' property and preserve a section of America. In my opinion, those men and their families deserved the attention and I would have watched. Instead the public was focused on a single episode on a street in Florida.

In Many States Citizens Have Already Lost More Than Their Guns

Regardless of your opinion on the great gun debate that has again resurfaced, the National Rifle Association (the "NRA") and its members have to be applauded for their determination and drive in fighting for rights vested by the United States Constitution. The NRA is perhaps the most influential lobbying organization in the United States. When the NRA talks, legislators listen. Legislators listen because there are between three and four million members in the NRA and those millions of members regularly go to the polls and vote. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were tragic beyond description and certainly provide a legitimate reason to re-examine gun safety issues. Re-examining those issues has caused a swell of national news coverage and invoked provocative debates across America. I wish the same were true with victims' rights because debates are good. At a minimum, debates demonstrate that people care.


It is widely known in the Pittsburgh legal community that only a small percentage of medical malpractice and personal injury cases are brought to court. However, if you are involved in one of the cases that are tried in court, it is crucial that you have one of the best trial lawyers on your side. Why? According to an article published in the Boston Globe, many attorneys have no trial experience, which is one of the things insurance companies look at when making offers. Insurance adjusters know who does, and who does not, go to trial and the same case with an attorney with no trial experience may seem worthless to an insurance company.


According to new guidelines published by the American Cancer Society, approximately 1.4 million women in the United States have an unusually high risk of developing breast cancer. These women should undergo an annual MRI examination as well as a mammogram. A recent study also suggests that women newly diagnosed with breast cancer should undergo MRI examination. For women with a new diagnosis of cancer in one breast, MRI is much better than mammography for determining whether the other breast carries a cancer. Women at very high risk of breast cancer can be diagnosed much earlier when combining the two technologies rather than using mammography alone.

Birth Injuries and Cerebral Palsy

Despite extensive access to prenatal care and a level of medical technology undreamed of in previous generations, almost 5% of the children born in the United States suffer from birth defects. Some of these children - those with minor injuries - may recover quickly and completely, but others are subject to a lifetime of disability. Unfortunately, the negligent and avoidable errors of doctors, hospitals and nursing staff during the birthing process can cause such injuries, such as cerebral palsy.

Uterine cancer

Cancer of the uterus is the fourth most common cancer in women. Approximately 41,000 cases of uterine cancer are diagnosed annually. Nevertheless, uterine cancer is the eighth most common cause of cancer deaths because it is generally diagnosed early. (Approximately 7,300 women die annually from uterine cancer. By way of comparison, ovarian cancer is annually diagnosed approximately 22,000 times with over 16,000 deaths). Thus, as with many other cancers, an early diagnosis of uterine cancer is crucial.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer

Each year, approximately 50,000 women die from breast cancer, the leading cause of death among women. As with many cancers, the early diagnosis of this disease significantly improves a woman's chance for survival. In fact, early diagnosis can lead to cure. Because obstetrician-gynecologists are in a favorable position to diagnose this disease, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has developed guidelines for early diagnosis.

Early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Rosen Louik & Perry is a Pittsburgh law firm that represents victims of medical malpractice, including men who have been injured by the failure to diagnosis prostate cancer. Because prostrate cancer is one of the several cancers where early detection can result in a cure, screening for prostate cancer is recommended.

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